Cordelia – Throne of Swords
Minnesota Renaissance Festival – 2016
Costume Design/Direction, Fabrication Lead

An amalgamation of Cordelia (King Lear) and Danerys Stormborn (Game of Thrones) our Cordelia must be strong, yet sweet.  A bit mad, but incredibly compelling.  The gown was mostly fabricated from cast-off curtains, bedsheets and remnants.  The addition of metallic lace and flatback crystals adds a little extra glamour to an incredibly thrifty royal gown.

Princess Cordelia grew up away from her homeland in Arden because of her father’s “unfortunate removal” from the throne. Once she married a Mongolian Warlord, she was set to return with an army, but complications arose including the most distressing: the untimely death of her Warlord Husband. Happily, her three dragons were hatched soon after (Goneril, Regan, and Edmund – he loves having his picture taken!), and they’ve been inseparable ever since.


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