Throne of Swords
Minnesota Renaissance Festival – 2016
Costume Design/Direction, Fabrication Lead

The Throne of Swords is a photo-op style attraction at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  Based on the popular series of novels “A Song of Ice and Fire” and it’s television incarnation “Game of Thrones”, the ToS is an immersive experience.  As such, the tech team had the challenge of making the experience believable.  I was brought on board by Katrina Radcliffe (of Phrenic Impact Theater) to help realize her vision.  We had the additional challenge of making the costumes feel like they belonged in a semi-elizabethan setting, while still paying homage to the show.  

Katrina and I started the process by looking at stills from the show, finding elements we wanted to carry over, be it a type of pendant, a color scheme, or textural accents.  Next we consulted our shared knowledge of historical costume, finding silhouettes that fit naturally with the characters at hand.

This “production” was unique in that we didn’t have a dedicated team of technicians to execute the designs, so over the course of the summer, I took on the monumental task of leading the actors in fabricating their own garments.  Most of them had no prior costuming experience.  It was stressful at times, but now that it is passed, I can say with pride “that’s my team, and I’m so incredibly proud of them.”  Truly, I am more proud to have led them in their costuming education than I am of the design credit.

For a more in-depth look at the costumes visit my Throne of Swords Page


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