Astrid – Blue Ensemble, version 2
Minnesota Renaissance Festival – 2015/2016
Concept, Fabrication

Astrid was a character that didn’t really see much street time, but I loved her nonetheless.  As a well-traveled shieldmaiden, I wanted her to appear imposing, relaxed in her prowess.  I selected blue for this outfit, using historical dye method tests to ensure the tones selected would have been attainable.  I referenced historical garment examples to create patterns for her shirts, pants, and hood – only making minor adjustments to allow for faster fabrication.  This is one of the few historical outfits to which I opted to add jewelry.  Vikings were thought to be fairly vain, showing their wealth ostentatiously though the wearing of precious metals and gems.  Since Astrid is a warrior, I selected a simple rough-faceted cabochon moonstone ring, a quartz wire-wrapped pendant, and a Saami style pewter & leather necklace.

I used only wool and linen fabrics, but by utilizing for varied thread weights and weaving patterns, I was able to create a varied but cohesive look.


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