Astrid – Mauve Ensemble
Minnesota Renaissance Festival – 2015/2016
Concept, Fabrication

The first incarnation of Astrid was a more romantic and traditionally feminine character.  As a matchmaker, she would have had access to wealth and travel.  I referenced historical garment examples to create patterns for her gown and apron dress, altering the historical lines to create a more tailored look.  I opted to bring some contrast into her costume through the bead chains and unified the colors by using a coordinating trim that included blue, mauve, burgundy, cream and tan.  

Vikings were thought to be fairly vain, showing their wealth ostentatiously though the wearing of precious metals and gems, so I selected a simple rough-faceted cabochon moonstone ring, a quartz wire-wrapped pendant, and a Saami style pewter & leather necklace in addition to my stone bead chains.

I used linen fabrics, but by utilizing varied thread weights and weaving patterns, I was able to create a varied but cohesive look.


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