About the Designer

I have been passionate about costumes since my formative years.  Someone made the mistake of giving me a box full of formal dresses and old costume bits at age 4, and the rest is history.  My costuming career began in high school when I began to sew costumes for stage productions and for personal costume projects.  

In college, I enrolled in a Apparel Design & Development program, which was ultimately ill-fated.  I learned a great deal during my short time in the program, but decided it wasn’t for me.  While pursuing other academic goals, I continued to design and sew costumes, focusing on technical progress.  I graduated from UW Stout in 2012 after spending a good deal of time as an art student.  While my academics didn’t help my technical skills, they did in fact make me a better designer.  Hours spent in life drawing and still life classes gave me a good eye for scale, value, as well as the use of line and color.  Life drawing paired with anatomy and physiology labs gave me further insight into how the body moves, and my designs take that into account.  While I may not have been studying costuming or theater, I can apply nearly all the lessons imparted to me in my studies to my costuming practice.

I currently work with local theaters, film makers and festivals to bring their visions to life.  I also work extensively with the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, helping to educate and guide the extensive cast about historical costuming and basic costuming techniques.

I make my home in the Twin Cities Metro with a devoted husband and 3 cats.

Contact me: Mariah.Lamkin@gmail.com


Photo courtesy of Carr Hagerman Photography