The Little Glass Slipper
Minnesota Renaissance Festival – 2015
Concept, Design, Fabrication, Experience Artistic Direction

Cinderella, or Zezolla as she was named, was a project that came together incredibly quickly.  The MRF creative team knew months in advance that they wanted a Cinderella themed attraction (hoping to capture the excitement about the character following the Disney movie release that spring).  We struggled to get the concept just right for our vision and for the owner of the festival, but with my design for an elizabethan inspired gown, we nailed it.  The gown and shoe were finished in less than 2 working weeks with only myself on fabricating the designs. 

Elizabethan / Fantasy
Satin, Chiffon, Organza, Lame, Taffeta, Metallic Lace
Vintage Lurex Shoes, Swarovski Crystals